Project 365 - Year 2014 - Juanita Ooi Photography


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30 of 365 - Reunion Dinner

上次在家過節可說是N年前的事,也難怪現在的我怎麼都提不起那即將過春節的氣氛來著....心裡只想著現在的我應該乖乖學習而不是吃喝玩樂 變成名副其實的胖妞 :D 因為....每年在這節日期間的我都會和作業考試紙並肩作戰。 有些習慣還真改不掉 唉 這....是好事還是壞事吶...

Side note, somehow this fortune note which I got from the fortune cookie freaked me out a little. Why do I have a feeling that it's related to my profession? X