Project 365 - Year 2014 - Juanita Ooi Photography


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29 of 365 - The Present

Even if you happen to get 'lucky'. your luck can run out. And that can lead to other problems. So you can't depend on just getting lucky as a way to have a better future.

Had a pleasant time reading this book. Reflected a lot from The Past, The Present, and of course, The Future. The future that I intended to have, the future that I want in my life; The Past which I wanted to erase and save in my memory forever; The Present that makes me feel hatred and disappointed.

Ha. Don't ask. I still prefer keeping this page, simple and clean.

Sometimes it is true that writing out in words will make you feel better, but if you think other way round, it is consider as taking a risk, a time bomb in your life, knowing that one day, someday you will regretted on what you'd wrote in public, knowing that someone, somebody will accidentally saw what you write or criticised about him/her. Will you.....still consider the risk you'd made today?